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This is the changelog of all tools, plugins on Leafio.

1.2.9 – Last updated: 05/12/23
Improved: Change bad word character from “,” to newline.

1.2.8 – Last updated: 27/10/23
Added: Delete specific object in recipe and preset.

1.2.7 – Last updated: 18/10/23
Added: Standalone Append Keyword Field To Badword area
Added: Timer Counting for Queue + Recipe Function
Improved: Logic of prepend keyword field to Badword area
Improved: Reduce timeout if recipe is running for vs type.

1.2.6 – Last updated: 12/10/23
Fixed: Insert Keyword Result To Profile not having newline when switching seed in queue.

1.2.5 – Last updated: 11/10/23
Fixed: bug keyword search field not update in Recipe mode because user type, input or focusing on it
Added: validation for custom timeout option.

1.2.4 – Last updated: 10/10/23
Improved: Recipe Function, add more action in recipe builder
Fix: Run, Pause Recipe Button not working correctly.

1.2.3 – Last updated: 09/10/23
Improved: Recipe Function, add more action in recipe builder
Improved: Export/Import Recipe function
Added Custom timeout for Queue Keywords Run in Loop
Preparing For Docs.

1.2.2 – Last updated: 08/10/23
Improved Recipe Function, add more action in recipe builder
Improved UX for Profile Section
Improved AR language, more keywords, more related
Added Sample Data for Recipe Builder
Added Save/Load Inserted Keyword Profile
Added Export/Import Recipe.

1.2.1 – Last updated: 07/10/23
Improved Recipe Function, no limit tasks, add more action in recipe builder
Added Queue Keywords Area, and it is stacked with Recipe Function.

1.2.0 – Last updated: 06/10/23
Added Recipe Function, still basic early, will improved day by day

1.0.15 – Last updated: 03/10/23
Improved VS Remove Duplicate Rows function
Added Goodword Strict Mode.

1.0.14 – Last updated: 02/10/23
Added Delay for Question Mode
Added API Status Checking
Improved result box data.

1.0.12 – Last updated: 01/10/23
Added Local Presets
Added Sort, Goodword mirror in Tool Options
Optimized search, wildcard and question function for x2 keyword.

1.0.11 – Last updated: 29/09/23
Added Circle Progress Bar when click search function
Optimized layout for mobile device
Fixed bug not closing the setting panel when clicking the close panel button.

1.0.1 – Last updated: 28/09/23
Added Support 3 languages: En, Vn, Ar
Added Support wildcard in search function
Added Support questions in search function.

1.0.0 – Last updated: 25/09/23
First release.

1.0.0 – Last updated: 22/10/23
First release.

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